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Grusha Linux

   Grusha Linux - is the most convenient and friendly operating system based on GNU/Linux, which is created by the project team

   You can comfortably watch videos, surf the Internet, view e-mail or photos, do office work, play games. And it’s all absolutely free!

   Convenience, functionality, a large number of localized to Ukraine programs and free of charge makes Grusha Linux a better alternative to paid operating systems and programs both at home and at the enterprise.

  • Convenience Grusha Linux distributions has finished initial configurations of the system as well as programs made based on the tastes of the majority of users and the experience of developers.
  • Maximum number of software As far as possible, selected the newest versions of programs oriented to the stability and proven. The list of programs trying to cover all aspects of user’s activity and provide him with necessary applications for any case. 
  • Localization First of all system was designed for Ukrainian users, but developers provided a light version of localization into Russian or English.
  • Easy for beginners Authors of the project are constantly developing technical instructions, training articles and videos on how to use the operating system and programs.

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